A jaunt at the Rio Grande and Rio Pueblo confluence

I haven’t been down to the water in ages. Maybe since not before March 2020?? A part of me wanted to all summer, to go down to its cooling waters. But we were gripped in drought, heatwave, and low air quality due to blazing wildfires all around us. So that “perfect storm” is precisely why I didn’t go – because I knew everybody else would be flocking down there too. Plus, the water levels were appallingly low, like lower than 200 cubic feet per second (cfs)!

I’d have to check but it could’ve been a record breakingly bad low level season (it quite literally rock-bottomed at 152 cfs on Sept. 7). So on top of the deadly and easily transmissible coronavirus and the global pandemic and the ridiculous politicization stupidity surrounding the public health crisis – I just didn’t have the stamina to see the low water among so much heartbreak.

But Today Just Felt Right! And I went down and parked and just ambled around. Really doing nothing. Taking loads of selifes because I looked and felt great and the sun was shining and the sky was blue and the water level wasn’t too bad (338 cfs). There was a nice breeze coming off the rushing rapids that was quite chilly at first but I warmed up lots in the rising sun.

I dipped down among the fisherman trails along the Rio Pueblo and sighted really tall cattail-like marsh reeds but more feathery on top (rather than that corndog top), so I don’t know the name. It was a great morning. A great photo session.

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