Río Grande Gorge… gorgeous

I went out looking for bighorn today. The snow is great for following tracks to their little resting spots down the cliffside of the gorge. I saw plenty of tracks but didn’t see any sheep grazing up on the bluff.

It was still a great day. As you can see, the Río Grande Gorge is just simply gorgeous.

The 3-mile snow walk was therapeutic. I wore microspikes and used poles for balance and to whack the clumped snow out from my traction devices. There were patches of sun, pockets of flurries, and plenty of wide open space. There was almost no wind to speak of, which is unusual for that exposed trail and especially in the dead of winter. The trail was mostly empty; I passed a few people and gave them wide berth. I went out farther than I usually do past the prayer flags. My goal was 1.5 miles one way and back, and I achieved that. It was a good, sweaty expedition. I am grateful.

I took so many great shots along the way. It was actually hard to narrow down to this one. I ended up selecting this Río Grande Gorge shot because, after shooting a “roll” of like 30 shots, this was the very last one. It’s also special because I was driving back home over the bridge and I looked out my window toward this view and was like WOW. I drove another 1/4 mile to a safe pull-off spot and then walked back in the high winds and cold to capture this shot.

This view is looking south. I usually photograph north toward the bridge. So that’s another reason why this shot is special. I rarely capture the river flowing south in this direction. Its rapids were noisy, it was moving fast. It was great to be there on the bridge right over the water. I haven’t done that in a long while and it really is such a special spot.

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