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Yvonne Pesquera

The river calls to me. Sometimes it’s a subtle tug. Like, for example, I can sometimes smell its briny water in the Taos air. Other times it’s a powerful pull: “Go to the Río.” And so I do and it never disappoints.

I visit the Río at the Orilla Verde National Recreation Area. Locals call this area “The O.V.” It’s an easy, accessible drive. There’s some good, easy hike-walks in this section of the Gorge. I’ve also had great experience with bird watching and wildlife sightings. In the past I’ve seen bighorn sheep and a deer.

What the area doesn’t have is any safe biking. Some days I try to talk myself into trying a morning ride before the crowds. But some folks just barrel through – to get to/from Carson. They’re not on vacation, they’re not relaxing. They don’t see this stretch of road like a park, as I do. So I yield to them and stick to walking on trail versus biking on road.

This section of the Río is also very entertaining with people-watching: rafters, fly fishers, tubers and bathers. It was running so beautiful and high the other day. I was at my desk working and needed to take a break. I was rewarded with this epic hydrotherapy.