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Yvonne Pesquera

Describe Taos in one word: ‘Energy.’ People who visit and then move here say it’s for ‘the energy.’ I have no idea if born-and-raised locals ever call it that. I don’t hardly ever hear them extolling the land/water/sky because it’s just part of who they are. The way New York was for me. I never called it ‘The Greatest City in the World.’ I just knew.

I went for a walk out on the West Rim Trail. We sighted three young rams right opposite the labyrinth. Too far to get a good shot with an iPhone; believe me, I know, I’ve tried vainly so many times. But through my binoculars, I could see their faces right up close with that nervous, chewing energy.

It was only eight a.m. on a weekday. But the morning was gorgeous and sunny and the air was Taos fresh as always. It had rained the night before and the mesa was so beautifully sage-green. The parking lot was already abustle with vendors. And this camper pictured here was parked over in the RV section. I’d love to know the story and get a tour. But I don’t feel like dealing with the advances of some hippie burnout excited to get attention from a woman.

Still, this school bus/VW van camper is just so perfectly Taos. Everyone here strikes out on their own to carve out some sort of life for themselves.

I know because I came here and did just that. I hit the ground running and linked up with the right people I needed to advance and thrive in my circle of writing and business. Overall, because I didn’t link up with the Ski Valley, I never did connect or advance on an outdoors sports level. The closest I came was retail with Taos Mountain Outfitters. But I myself never belonged to the outdoors scene; to this day I just participate and come home.

Now, I’m sort of pulling back from all of forms of seeking energy, giving energy. I have absorbed – LOL – too much of other people’s energy. It got to the point where it depleted my own energy and I questioned just what the hell am I doing in Taos if ‘running myself down’ had become the objective? I could easily move to a big city, run myself down and make more money. Why run down and make no money in Taos? It made no sense. That’s not what the energy is here for.

Now that I have my energy back, I want to redirect my energy in all new-to-me ways.

I’m very excited about this period of my life. I’m in the midst of a great transition, and it’s all going so well.