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Yvonne Pesquera

Spring time in Taos is perfect. This is a snapshot from my daily walk yesterday. This, to me, is the epitome of Northern New Mexico: rocks, sand, dirt, cactus, flowers, trees, sun and sky. The other beloved things missing from this shot are wildlife, rivers and snow. This walk is too close to town and has so many people walking with their dogs – I have never seen wildlife on this trail. As for snow – too funny! Less than twenty-four hours after this shot was taken, a wet, spring snowfall covered the landscape.

Like most people, I walk to clear my mind and get some exercise. Or, stated another way, my mind clears when I am moving my body. It is a gift and I am grateful.

I don’t deliberately engage in a walking meditation, like the ones I’ve participated in at Zen centers. I found that whole act super boring: the placing and lifting of one’s feet with concentration and intent.

Instead, I walk with a purpose of just simply enjoying myself. No power walking, no breaking a sweat, no cardio to get the heart rate. I walk for the pure enjoyment of spending time in this great, beautiful country of ours and being present to Life. I love to stop often, contemplate things and take pictures. That’s my idea of a great hike.