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Yvonne Pesquera

I had such a good time hiking with my friend and her dog that I forgot to take photos along my hike! There was so much to see. The Rio Pueblo and the Rio Grande are both still running so high, gushing forth with whitewater. It’s amazing, beautiful and a deep blessing for us all. The trail too was beautiful, very green as you can see here from the overlook. LOL – I snapped this pic before climbing in the car and driving away! 

The boat launch at the O.V. was packed. The campsites are all occupied. The BLM guys were out in force. Visitors everywhere. And, the red / rosey /purple /pink flowers of the cholla are in wild bloom. It was just a gorgeous outdoor excursion.

We didn’t roast under a desert sun. It was grey and overcast all morning which is so unusual. A cool breeze blew. A couple of hours after the hike, the skies broke with thunder and heavy, continuing rain. Another deep, deep blessing. Walking with a friend and her sweet dog. Stopping to chat with other hikers and their dogs. Deep, deep blessings. 

These were the gifts of today’s Slide Trail hike. So fun, so active, so good – I only remembered to grab a pic of the Overlook! Which is still so beautiful.