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Yvonne Pesquera

I am grateful for so many things. One, that Taos is small and quiet enough to not have its library open on Sundays. Two, that Santa Fe is big and bustling enough to have a library with Sunday afternoon hours.

I like magazines. I always have. Flipping through the pages, the content, the ads – and in the old days, rubbing the scents on my wrists. I have no idea if they still do that.

Magazines helped me grow into a woman (Glamour). They gave me a sense of fabulousness (Interview), informed my opinions (The New Yorker) and helped me aspire to more in life (Vanity Fair).

I love writing for magazines. As a freelancer, it takes a lot of writing practice, professional persistence and psychological patience to be published in a magazine. But it does happen. When I knock on enough doors, one inevitably opens.

The biggest part of my writing life is actually going out into the world and doing a whole lot of living.

I would say nearly every article I have ever written was the direct result of an experience I had. I remember one article that an editor asked me to do in a pinch and so it was based on a press release. I’m unable to forget how bad that experience was because my resulting article (which was published in a national magazine) was soooo canned.

In my writing, you can always find the atoms of my life force among my words.

Another part of my writing life is knowing the market. Personally, I subscribe to WIRED. I find their writing so rich, so engaging. Like The Journal, I long to be published in their pages. Until that happens, I work at writing at that level, regardless of where I am publishing.

So I came down to Santa Fe to peruse their magazine section and research any new publications or new editors. Their mag section is not necessarily a whole lot bigger than the one in Taos. In fact, both libraries may almost be equal in magazine quantity. But just a little bit of city diversity and newness goes a looooong way in my quaint, charming country life. 

I scored a seat by the window in the library. My laptop image perennially reminds me that my happy places are both: being out in the world and being inside to write.