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Yvonne Pesquera

El Rio Hondo is running high – and cold. I know because I pulled my car over on the side of NM150 to dip my feet in. And whoa! COLD. 

It’s a beautiful hot Sunday in Taos. I did a lot of good relaxing, reading, listening to classical music, drinking iced coffee, eating an easy breakfast this morning. Then I felt ready to clean, which in the summer, can only mean a shower afterward. 

The house is always super dusty in Taos. And in the summers, moreso. I had been sweeping every other day and now I have added mopping too. The floors just get too gross, too weird, too fast. So I’ve accepted that even though it is still June, the rigorous attention must continue.

After the shower I put on some lightweight clothes and felt ready to face the world. Indeed, the Town of Taos was hopping. Loads of traffic. But as soon as I got past town limits, the road opened up wide. It was a nice, relaxing, non-pressured drive up to the Ski Valley. No butthead tailgating me the whole way. Which was why I was able to pull over and dip my toes in – FREEZING. 

I then went up to the parking lot. I didn’t feel like getting out and going to the base area but I did take this shot from afar. After seven years of living here, I am still so honored that this, pictured here, is home. What are my politics on Facebook: ‘I live 19 miles from a world-class ski lift.’ If that doesn’t say it all about my priorities – and my blessings. I am so grateful to live here.

Then I drove to the upper parking lot to go tinkle at the Bull o’ the Woods trailhead pottie. It was a nice mosey along the dirt trail, nothing too strenuous and though the sun was hot, a cool breeze blew on me. I didn’t once break a sweat. I was in flip-flops and sure enough, stubbed my big toe! Ouchie! Let that be a lesson to me. I’ve been talking about getting those Keens for some time now and think I need to pull the trigger on that.

After relieving myself, I kept on walking along trail to the BOW creek. It was mighty. I stood on a beach rock and it too was very cold. I had left my phone in the car so I don’t have a photo. It looked beautiful and was roaring hard. 

The drive home was nice, a little more traffic. HP inspired me to order pizza (Praise!) and fill up my car with gas because surprisingly, the Smith’s parking lot wasn’t a zoo.

Now I’m home with the rest of the day/eve ahead. I’m home safe. I have pizza for dinner. And all of my creature comforts and safety all around me. Most noticeably, my air conditioner which is actually a swamp cooler but those words still remain foreign to me.