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Yvonne Pesquera

Wild Rivers is my second home. I am so grateful for its remoteness, though it is not a secret by any stretch of the imagination. Fishermen know it well. And I love seeing them head for the Red River side.

I saw four deer today. One pranced in front of my car safely to the the other side of the road. The other three safely hung back. Their fur looked oddly matted, ruffled. I couldn’t make out what that was about. I was in a blind curve area with no shoulder so I couldn’t stop and take a picture. Certainly not through my windshield which is filthy and has a prominent stretch of tree sap that my wiper can’t seem to get to.

The bike trip started off with a lot of hesitation. I feared it was too cold, I was not layered up enough. So I took a morning walk at La Junta trailhead with my jacket on. It was cold. But something about the air and the sky inspired me so i drove to the Visitor Center to see what would take hold within me. And sure enough, it was the desire to bike. And luckily enough, it turned out I had on the perfect amount of layers: neither too cold or too hot.

The ride was great overall. I shot some video between Chiflo and Sheep Crossing trailheads:


I also spoke into my tape recorder a lot: article ideas and the opening of a short story came to me. I loved it. God was really speaking to me, through me and I was having a heavenly time.

Until I was on the return route and hit the hill at Bear Crossing. Ha ha! My ride was still good but man, that hill kicked my ass. At one point I wanted to quit, but I just kept coaching myself. I wasn’t out to break any speed records; I was out to ride not walk my bike. So I stayed in the saddle and cranked verrrry slooowly, but revolution upon revolution, I made it. I was exalted to say the least! And overall, my quads were fine.

It wasn’t until the last stretch of the ride, the home stretch past the campgrounds, that I started to feel my quads and I started to fantasize about the sandwich waiting for me in my cooler in the car. I hung in there but it was not a strong finish at all. On the bike, I sort of “limped” to my car. But hey, I finished safe. And the first thing I did was eat my sandwich.

Afterward, I walked over to the Visitor Center to write “Deer (4)” on the white board of animal and bird sigthings.