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Yvonne Pesquera

It is virtually impossible to edit out bighorn sheep photos. My poor iCloud storage! It’s just that each photo is so precious in both their majesty and that utter sheep look they have on their faces. I made a first attempt tonight, at least deleting the bloopers. But as for winnowing down the rest of them, I’ll leave that to another time.

Today is the summer solstice; the first day of summer. God inspired me to get outside right away. I got my bike and my stuff together in the car and headed up to the West Rim. I spotted the bighorn on the road before I even got to the mesa proper.

All rams; a big herd on the south side of the highway and these two younger bucks on the north. The looks on their faces just capture my heart. 

You can’t see the mountains and the blue sky in the background. That’s because Arizona is ablaze today and its smoke has blown this way. 

I eventually got on my bike and marveled at how strong and in shape I feel. I think the last time I was on that trail I really dragged my ass. I was cognizant of the heavy smoke but the winds were holding up some. At one point though, 17 minutes in, I ran out of steam. I had come out too late. I need to be biking at daybreak at six, seven the latest. Eight-thirty is just too warm.

Still, the mesa experience was so gorgeous, as well as the relative solitude. I saw one crow holding fort on the sage and teased it about ‘owning the mesa.’ It flew away upon hearing me. I hope to get out there again soon. It is such a beautiful ride with just the tiniest hair of ‘adventure’ for me in terms of the rocks. I know it’s a green trail but I always tackle it with the gusto of black diamond. I love being who I am in Taos, on this first day of summer.