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I am blown away by my commitment thus far! My stick-to-it-iveness! I’ve had it before with running – come and go – so, there was no way for sure to know if this time it would stick. But for two weeks, it has! I’ve always used an app to ‘log my progress,’ but I was never making any progress. I was a one-hit wonder here and there. Well, check out these stats, baby:

Week 1: 3.63 miles

Week 2: 4.71 miles

Start of Week 3 (today): already at 2.55 miles!

Now, granted: I am not running. I am still doing that pathetic shuffle jog (13-14-minute miles) and mostly walking.


It’s a start. It’s a holy moly, the real thing, running start. The key the key the key is not to overdo it. There’s where injury usually sets in.

Another exciting note is that I’ve started strength training and I’ve started a Couch to 5k Plan and have a whole journey mapped out on my fridge with the goal of the Duke City 5k, October 20 – exciting! I read this quote yesterday and put it on my fridge; it inspired me:

There’s a difference between exercise and training:
Every workout is purposeful.

 Today, I felt emboldened to go down a road I’d never been before – and I found this sign pictured here in the middle of a lavender field.