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Yvonne Pesquera

The Grand Canyon inspired me to get back in shape. I’ve been struggling with my weight gain since the winter of 2018, when I decided not to ski that season. I was also in the throes of a serious serratus anterior pain which made my shoulder hurt hurt hurt. A LOT.

No skiing, no working out, no yoga – I immediately went through a poundage increase and then all my muscles (legs, arms) went flabby. And, I’ve only gotten flabbier. I’ve been sort of accepting it even though the serratus pain is virtually gone and I can move my shoulders with ease.

I turned 50 and I was like: Huh? I don’t have to accept this flabby out-of-shapeness. This is not my fate, this is not my future. If I want to, I can turn this around and get back in shape.

What also helped too is that the day before Grand I volunteered at a mountain trail race. I used to be one of the runners. Now I was the fatso behind the table.

Granted, I’ve had the knee pain for quite some time. And I’m not going to see an ortho; they’ll recommend surgery and no way no how. I just dialed back the impact exercise which is good, but I need to dial up other exercise.

Another headwind I encounter is my perimenopause. Good Lord! I have never been thrown so off-track in my entire life. It gobbles up two weeks of the month – to be clear, that’s half my life!

I looked at the Santa Fe 5k (Sep 15) for my goal. We’ll see. I’ll only run if I can really run at 10-minute miles for 3.2 miles. I’m not going to sign up and pay money if I am only jogging. So, maybe I’ll bump it to October Albuquerque 5k. We’ll see. One training day at a time. I’m pleased with my start – Tuesday and Thursday off. Not as much weights but it’s okay, we’re getting there. This is all a great start.