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Yvonne Pesquera

Truly, I am still Mostly Walking with Light Jogging Shuffling around 14-minute miles. A part of me could really beat myself up about that. But the point is I Am in It; I Am Doing It. Not perfectly, but I am present and engaged. 

I didn’t hold to my commitment to myself to wake up at 5. Instead, I woke up at like 8:30. I was going to start work, but knew once I got sucked into that, I’d then get hungry and there’d be no running. I said Oh Fuck It and put on my shorts, laced up my sneaks and headed outside. I said to myself: I can walk. I don’t have to run. And that felt good not to drive myself too hard.

I walked up the block and finally felt a pang of mojo. I jogged past the horses (those piggies were busy with breakfast) and crested the Couse Hill which still, after seven years, winds me. I U-turned in the Couse parking lot and headed back downhill. I couldn’t sustain the jog so resigned myself to walk. When I saw other neighbors walk up Las Cruces, I felt like it was dog-safe. 

Las Cruces is dreamy. It’s like right here, right in town yet feels worlds away. I mostly walked it. Jogged it very little. When I arced back south along Mariposa Lane (this picture), I got the jog back in me. Again, it didn’t hold. But when I got to Kit Carson Road, I felt the jog strongly and really went my longest stretch – down to the Cañon garage, turn around and head back toward Joseph Street.

Not a long distance, but just strong. I walked home, sweating. It had been a workout after all! I came home and committed to an hour yoga. Jivamukti. That was amazing. I definitely start off so stiff but then by the end, my mind is so free and limber – and that’s what doing yoga is all about.