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I went to bed last night knowing I wanted to be closer to God today. So I made up my mind to go to a spiritual meeting and then after, take a lovely drive through the countryside to a holy place.

The High Road, as it is called, picks up in the pastures of Ranchos de Taos and carries drivers up into the Picuris mountain range of the Carson National Forest. I specify “drivers” because regrettably, there was no foresight for cyclists and pedestrians. That’s the case with nearly all of the goregous Northen New Mexico drives. I don’t know what the south is like but El Norte is for the cars only. The roads were cut in narrow areas with no bandwidth to expand.

I wended my way through picturesque mountain villages, which appear seemingly untouched by modernity. I drove through forests with stately pines standing as audience members and watchers of the parade of cars that pass them by.

I got to the church and felt its sacredness.