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After a good but hard two-hour workout at the gym this morning, I didn’t even feel like going for an easy trail walk today! I just wanted to sit on my butt and drive. I love a country drive. When I lived back East, there was so much to see and do on a drive through New York and New England. Out West, “there is nothing to see, nothing to do.” Haha. I put that in quotes, of course, because there is so much rolling land to see, and being present to all of it is a major thing to do.

I headed out west to the mesa. I love the open land out there flanking the Sangre de Cristos. I pulled off at the Earthships because the light was on them so beautifully. I got out of the car and was surprised that there was no punishing wind – a trademark of the desert. 

I kept driving west along 64 toward Tres Piedras. I kept my eyes peeled for domesticated animals and wildlife. I sighted a few alpaca in the distance. I had a good Sunday drive today in that I had no one riding my ass. Only just a couple of times a car came up fast and I pulled over to let them pass. One car was extremely grateful and waved at me.

On the drive, my mind went everywhere but mostly it just stayed here in Taos. It’s a phenomenal place to live, filled with such natural beauty and diversity of terrain. Taos really is mesa, mountains and Rio and you don’t have to pick, you get it all.

I looked down some forest roads and saw how people live remotely. Of course I love the idea but it’s not safe or practical for a single middle-aged woman like myself. To live out in the netherlands, one has to be wholly self-reliant and I just don’t have that within me – growing up in the big city and all.

But it was good to drive out there, see the sights, see the mountains from a distance. It was good to turn back east again and approach Taos. It never fails to please me to look at it. So much going on. So many people. So many houses, neighborhoods. And even more untouched, unspoiled land on top of it. Peaks without cellphone towers. Deserts without development.