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Yvonne Pesquera

There she is! In Taos County, in the near distance: SNOW! The first snow of the season to be exact. I’m not great with naming exact points in Taos, but it looks like Questa – Cabresto Peak.

Began this Saturday in communion with God; thank you. Then went to a meeting to be surrounded by love, fellowship and support. Thank you, God. Then went for a hike on Slide Trail with Lisa and we had a phenomenal walk-and-talk down and back up. 

Right at the start, we saw two groups of bighorn sheep – numbering a dozen in each herd! They were on the other side of the gorge (no people, no dogs) and too far away for my phone to capture them. 

The gorge is yielding up its own fall spectacular display – with oranges, golds, copper and rust hues.


Today I drive down to Albuquerque (l’aventura!) – if it’s God’s will – to the Health & Fitness Expo, Sarah’s house and maybe the Al-Anon meeting at a rocking 7:30 at night (woo-hoo! Saturday night fever!). I will continue (with God’s help, grace, guidance and strength) to take it one moment at a time and just simply enjoy today. Thank you for a great start to a great day.