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Yvonne Pesquera

There is so much to say about today’s run! It starts on Saturday, August 3 – that’s the day I signed up with my friend Nita to be a volunteer at the Taos Ski Valley Up and Over Race. I had an uneasy feeling watching runners lace up and vibe on the high of a run. I articulated that feeling as: I used to be one of the runners on the other side of the table. 

No, my desire to run again starts before that. There was a day in yoga when I was wearing a 10-year-old faded Boston Run shirt. I said to my friend Rene: I used to earn my t-shirts.

Then I went to the Grand Canyon and turned fifty on August 9. (Whoop whoop!) And when I was there, I realized my whole life is just beginning again. I can make of it anything I want.

So just now I checked my run app: I came back to Taos and starting running on August 10.

I literally didn’t waste a day. I see my progress in those early days: 0.7-0.8 miles for a couple of weeks –– and not all of it is running. In fact, very little of it. I could only run a block/block-and-a-half and would then walk. My progress limped on that way for a while until I was able to hit these physical and mental milestones:

  • 1 mile run on September 15 – it took me from August 10 to get to this milestone
  • 1.23 miles on September 23 – this was big psychologically because it was the park loop back to Kit Carson Road
  • 1.5 miles on September 25 – you can see that once I started to get into the groove, I could take bigger leaps in shorter periods
  • 2 miles on September 28
  • Then I just went for it: 3 mile practice run on a simulated route down and back on Gusdorf – October 6
  • And now today, October 20, an actual race competing against other runners

The pre-dawn temps registered at 52º. Not balmy but compared to the 37º I was getting used to in Taos, I was able to forego my jacket. I didn’t love running so late (7:30). I had a lot of nervous energy and was eager to get going already! I peed like three times right before the race start even though I wasn’t drinking.

Here’s the 5k start at 3rd and Tiejeras in Duke City:

It was a good size crowd and everyone was very friendly, congenial. The atmosphere was good. We got running and immediately turned on Central Avenue, which is the Mother Road Route 66. The architecture was super cool and interesting. We ran west and the sun had yet to hit our backs.

I discovered some really beautiful parts of Albuquerque this weekend that I really didn’t know existed! Regrettably, the city’s heinous crime record dominates the news. But this Laguna part of the run was filled with beautiful homes in a rancho California style.

The very top picture of this post is my Couch to 5k program on my refrigerator. You can see how I largely stuck to it. I was very focused; I wanted this goal. What you don’t see on the top pic is the two weeks of “try-out training” that precedes it. And the three weeks of Cleanse where I worked with a nutritionist to wake up to clean eating to fuel my body for the next fifty years.

Here I am at the finish!! Official time: 44:34. 

Out of 658 5k runners, I placed 562. Out of females, I placed 299. In my age group, I placed 27, out of 39.